What to and what not to eat for a healthy life

So, you’re a food lover. You love to eat meat, and you love to eat lots of it. You love the salty, dripping-in-oil foods with lots of cheese and mayonnaise by the most well-known mayonnaise companies out there. You spend 20 years eating more than you need, you spend 30 years eating more than you need, heck you may even spend 40 years eating more than you need. But then one day, you have your annual checkup with your doctor, and you have any one of the following: High blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and countless other things which could bring you closer to a heart stroke. What you need to understand is that no matter how much of a strong relationship you have with such food, it’s going to end your life much sooner than your fed-up wife will when you’re obese and can’t move from the couch to grab the TV remote.

But the question arises, what do you eat, if you don’t eat all of this? First things first, forget the fried sandwich, move to a grilled sandwich. Move to leaner meats and avoid mayonnaise and cheese. These two things are extremely high in calories and give very little nutrition. You should try to have less bacon and meatballs, and move to roast beef, chicken breast and lean ham, this will be a much healthier option.

The second thing that you need to be wary of being to control your diet. Have a heavy breakfast. You can be ready to have 2 eggs with juice and toast and pancakes and maybe some mashed potatoes. Has all of that, and then you can have a light lunch, with not too many calories, most of you won’t even feel the need to have a heavy lunch as your breakfast will be so heavy. After that, you can have a heavier dinner and wait at least 3 hours before you sleep. Visit this website for more details in this regard.

When you have pizza, put in some extra vegetables, and have lesser cheese. You can even dab the pizza with the napkin to get rid of the extra cheese, these choices can make the differences between a heart stroke or 10 more years of life. Moreover, cut down on the sugars. This is an obvious option, and it has no alternative. Sugars give you more calories than they give you nutrition. If you want sugars, have fruits. Fruits provide many different types of vitamins and nutrition and make keep you extremely healthy. Anytime your doctor recommends you to have certain vitamins, don’t take vitamin tablets or anything similar, find out which fruit has that vitamin and eat that. That is going to be a much healthier option.