Why Engaging Your Kid In After-School Activity Is Important

All parents want their kids to do well in school, especially in academics. Which is why most parents are doing their best to equip their kids with the necessary things in order to excel in academic subjects like Math and Science.


But learning does not only revolve around academics. There are other learning prospects where your kids can excel, such as after-school activities and school clubs. Although some parents may find these activities a waste of time, most Khalifa city nurseries think otherwise. If you are having second thoughts about having your kids join these after-school clubs, these reasons might change your mind:


  1. It can help kids apply theories in real life


People also say that experience is the best teacher, and in the case of joining after-school clubs in Ajman nursery schools, this holds true. Most of the things that are taught inside the four walls of a classroom are theories and concepts. Although real-life applications are included in the program, students have limited time applying those theories. Joining a school club would give the students more room to apply what they learned in classroom in real life. They will be given more freedom to incorporate their lessons to specific activities and after-school programs they belong to.


  1. It can boost their social skills


Joining school clubs and participating in extra-curricular activities would give the students an opportunity to widen their circle and network. They will have the chance to interact with other students from all walks of life and cultures. By joining school organizations, your kids will learn how to deal with different personalities, which can be an important skill they can use later in life.


  1. It can help kids discover their passion


More and more parents today are keen on supporting their kid’s passion and hobbies, although some of them are not academically-related. Letting your child pursue his/her passion can help them excel at something that they are naturally good at. School clubs and organizations offer a number of activities and venues for students who are discovering their passion.


  1. It can help kids to be more independent

Being independent is an important skill that your kid should learn to thrive in life. You can start teaching them by allowing them to make their own decisions as early as now. By letting them decide what they want to do aside from excelling in academics, you are giving them room to grow and the chance to prove themselves outside the four corners of the classroom.