Add Character to Your Home with Chic Accessories

No matter what you want to call it, English country, cottage or plain outright romantic, chic accessories have the potential to make your home appear a whole lot more elegant and beautiful.  Here’s a bit of information about the different chic accessories that you can use in order to add character to your home:


A faded rug and a well-worn table
According to the best home interior designers in Bangalore, when it comes to your dining room, there is simply no reason why man-made materials and straight lines should be held supreme. What you can do is reclaim lumber, strip it down a bit and turn it into a table. However, if you already have a piece at hand, it is possible for you to whitewash it so as to achieve the signature chic appearance. Now, get a faded rug and place the table on top of it. And let’s not forget, if you have a few mismatched chairs lying around your place, just place simple slipcovers over them to give them a unified look and place them around the table.


Use antique frames
If you have a few treasured art pieces with you, it is highly recommended for you to use refinished framed mirrors and ornate frames to display them. The best thing for you to do in this regard is to decorate the fireplace with a single lovely specimen, wherein you can consider creating a full grouping that can be displayed over a sofa. Believe it or not, but these frames can easily be purchased at antique stores – just purchase a few in different metallic shades. However, it would be necessary for you to give them a white coating, light sanding or even pastel paint coating to add to their chic look and feel.


Place a large mirror in the bathroom
If you have a smaller sized bathroom, it is highly recommended for you to place a large chic or vintage mirror in it to make it appear a whole lot more spacious. However, if there is ample space in the bathroom, you could also consider placing an ornate mirror over all of the sink units. Believe it or not, this has the potential to give immense class, substance and style to your bathroom.


Use a chandelier to light up the room
One of the best means of adding a bit of character and elegance to a room is to place a stunning chandelier in it. If you have a table placed in the room, hang one over it, or you can even place one in the corner to get that added bit of light. If you have one that has a couple beads or glass missing, just look for these in antique stores or flea markets or ask your home interior designers in Bangalore where you can get one from!