hire the best tax consultant with these tips

If you are interested in taking on the services of a tax consultant because you need help with your tax returns then there are certain tips that you need to follow. You need to bear in mind the fact that choosing the wrong tax consultant can prove to be disastrous. This is because apart from wasting your time and money it will additionally require you to look for another professional and reliable tax consultant for VAT services in Dubai. On the other hand, hiring the right tax consultant can actually save you a good deal of money. If you have simple accounting needs then there is no need for you to hire a chartered public accountant. On the other hand for complex returns and other accounting requirements, it will be best for you to hire a professional accountant. Here is how you should hire one:

  • Consider their qualification

The number one element that you should pay attention to when looking for a tax consultant is that of their qualification. It is extremely important for you to go through their academic accomplishments and see whether they have acquired a degree in accounting or not. Apart from that the accountant that you hire must necessarily have acquired extensive training and certifications in his specialization. It is best that you hire one that not only holds a degree but several certificates as well to support his speciality. Ask him to show you all his academic documents. If he truly is as qualified as he claims, then he will have no qualms whatsoever in proving his qualifications and expertise.

  • Consider his experience

Another factor that needs attention when looking for an accountant is that of his experience and reputation. Find out how many years he has been in the industry and see which companies he has worked with. The best choice will be someone who has worked with at least one popular business that you know of or at least one that serves your business sector. Apart from that, he should also hold a good reputation in the market. For this you can contact any of his previous employers and acquire information about his services.


  • Consider his fees

Last but not the least, it is important for you to consider the fees being charged by the accountant you are interested in hiring. It is best for you to hire one that is experienced and offers the best services for the best price. Look at here now for more information in this regard.