Dating in Dubai: Take Your Best Girl on the Best Date

You were pining over this girl so much for so long. It got to the point that your friends initial jeering and encouragement to ask her out has turned into annoyance at your endless love-struck sighs, and frustration at your lack inability or courage to actually make a move and ask her out.


Their frustration was understandable, but what’s a guy to do? You’ve always been the shy type and despite your buddies’ gentle pushes turned outright shoving to get things going, you lacked the self-confidence to ask your best girl out. But, that was all in the not so distant past. One way or another, you got the job done and are scheduled for a romantic night.


The hitch is, you’ve never been on a date before and you have no idea what to do or where to take this special girl. You’ve got a huge problem on your hands, but fear not. We’ve got some suggestions for you.


Step 1: Be a gentleman and pick her up


True, you can always meet somewhere close to both of you, but it never hurts to go the extra mile and prove that chivalry isn’t dead. Pick her up at her office or apartment building, or wherever she prefers. If she lives with her parents, it can be a nice gesture to be old fashioned and meet them briefly.


Step 2: Take her somewhere public, but quiet.


On a first date, don’t choose something too intimate like a fancy hotel restaurant where couples typically get engaged. Take her to somewhere family-friendly and very public, but quiet enough for you to have a conversation. On that note, avoid the movies on your first date; you can’t see each other and talk to each other. It defeats the whole point of a date, which is to get to know each other better. A trip to a museum or an aquarium would be ideal.


Step 3: Feed her right


Your choice of restaurant may make or break her first impression of you. If it’s good, then she may want to have more meals with you, which is what you want. If it’s bad, well, you may have to make a comeback on other aspects. A safe bet would be taking her to one of the best South Indian restaurants in Dubai, for some great food that packs a punch.


If it turns out well and you score a stay-in date with her in the future, you can always go for Indian food delivery.


Step 4: Go for dessert


A slice of cake at a nice cafe is a good way to cap the night off. After all that Indian food, something sweet would be a nice palate cleanser. If you’re feeling more confident and adventurous, you can invite her for a drink at a nice, quiet bar. Just remember to drink moderately and to say sharp. Keep her engaged through conversation.


When all that’s done, you can be sure to have scored enough points for a second date. It all boils down to being a gentleman with a good plan. When you’re sure she’s home safely, secure that second date and plan ahead.