Uncountable advantages of freezone

In the new world of globalization, numerous of investors are setting up their businesses as a part of their growth of their business or just as a new start. Whatever the reason may be, but free zone businesses have been on a boom since quite some time, making the world interconnected day by day.

Dubai has become an eye candy for investors as they are attracting more and more of foreign business set ups through their large scale economy and with positive laws and regulations. Business setup in Dubai free zones is easy if you follow the procedure and for sure you will reap uncountable benefits of opening it up in free zone.

Benefits of a free zone business

If you are interested in setting up a business in free zone then you should recognize some appealing benefits that are attached to it.

  • 100% ownership of the business. Although you may require a local sponsor for the process of setting up a business but after a particular services payment to sponsor, the business is all yours.
  • Exemption from taxes like corporate, import and export, so that more investors are motivated and invest in a free zone company.
  • Exemption from personal income tax, which honestly is the best advantage that any investor can acquire
  • Reparation of profits and capital. A foreign investor has the right to take back the profit and the company belonging back to his country.
  • State of the art infrastructure. Providing with the best infrastructure and strong business platforms is the key to successful free zone economy.


Steps to set up a free zone business

There are some measures and steps you have to take to actually form a free zone business.

  • Choose the type of company. If you want to create a fresh new start up business then you may require minimum of one shareholder and a fixed capital but if you are establishing a business of an existing chain of a foreign company then you may require none.
  • Acquire a license. There are two types of licenses, trade license for trading and service license for services and professionals.
  • Lease an office according to your needs and requirements.


Though a free zone business have limited locations and are not allowed in the mainland, but still location matters a lot for the growth of a business. Even if you chose a wrong location, there are countless of corporate relocation specialist that can assist you in choosing the right location for your firm to thrive abundantly.

What to look for in the best exhibition stand designer?

To stand out your company from your rivals you need to hire the services of a professional stand designer but the problem is almost everyone claims to be a pro and you just don’t get it, which one to select.

If you Google it, you will find plenty of exhibition stand design but the problem  is that you are not a design expert and you don’t know the technicalities of a stand design so, it’s better take your hands off and let the designer do it for you.

Represent your brand, appropriately!

To represent your brand in the most appreciable manner, you need to get your stand designed beautifully. Hiring a stand designer is a very important decision, after all it’s about the reputation of your brand and you can’t afford to lose it. There are many new players in this field and you need to find out who can serve you best for this you need to follow some tips which will help you in choosing the right one.

They will give you perfect layout

Designers with extensive experience will analyze the place of event carefully. They will produce an effective plan for you and will design the perfect CAD layout first.

Analyze the minor details

A professional will utilize the space properly; he won’t leave the space unnecessarily. He will be aesthetically sound and you will experience it from his ideas which he will change with you.

Customization is the key

He will surely take your suggestion in count; he will listen about your preference then will present his idea. There are some designers which don’t take your preferences in consideration and design as per their own will, well, those designers are not professional because a professional designer always takes its customers preferences in consideration.


A very important sign of a professional exhibition stand designer is that, they will have many awards for the awe-inspiring design. Designing industry is very competitive and the best designer in the industry stands out from the rest of the crowd due to the innovation and the consecutive record of success.

Best designers have regular customers, their customers believe in their services. A strong relationship with the customers is the key. When you talk to a designer, just notice the way he tries to satisfy you, notice how he speaks to you. You need to see whatever he is saying, is he just throwing things in the air or does he actually mean it. To get more valuable information visit website

7 Design Tips for Small Offices

Space is always a problem for most people, especially for business owners.  As much as they want to fit in everything, there is still not enough space for everybody. In the end, you have to shell out money to buy larger space which can be costly.


The good thing is, all problems have solution, and nowadays, even space problems can be solved thanks to fit out companies in Dubai who offers space-saving solutions that can help you maximize the little office space that you have. But you can also do some space-saving solutions on your office.


  1. Go Clutter-free

Cluttered and messy offices can make the space look smaller as the clutter is taking up space in your office. It can also cause office accidents. Create an additional space by removing all the clutter. In short, you need to clean up. Remove the unnecessary mess and you will see that your office space will look much larger than they seem.


  1. Use a small desk

Having a bigger desk is a dream most employees have (bigger desk = bigger salaries) but it is not a good space-saving solution. Opt for a smaller one can fit right into your office space. With a smaller desk, it will be easier for you to manage your stuff and less likely to create a mess in your office. Also, be smart on choosing your furniture, bulky seating can take up space on your office. Choose something sleek and space-saving and go for double-duty furniture that can act as storage.


  1. Go paperless

Papers can limit everyone as you need space to store those documents.  It can also create a mess in the office. It would be advisable to go paperless if you want create a bigger space in your office area.  Store everything digitally or in the cloud and remove all the papers that may clutter the space.


  1. Open the Windows

If you have windows in your office, open them to let the natural light in. Natural light can brighten up your office space and make it look more spacious.


  1. Create a good office plan

Sometimes, bad office planning is the main culprit for lack of space. Consult with the best fit out contractors Dubai has to offer. They can give you the best advice on how to manage your space and create an office plan that can maximize all the space without making it looked cramped and little.